The Day of Burning Streets - EP

by Canons

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released June 30, 2009

Dudecore Records. On-Track Recording



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Canons Port Jefferson Station

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Track Name: Operation Miranda
Psyche, shattered with society.
(In the darkness closer, better with me)
Formed into soldiers, with artillery.
(Claw through your ribcage to be released)
Bodies, mastered into slavery.
(New fangs disguised as cracked teeth)
My world, your life, it ends tonight
(The day of burning streets is coming)

If I do not feel it's not my problem.
My conscience, severed, like a thief's hand.
I'll gnaw through its leash to be chained to myself.
Track Name: Closing the Loop
Hey there gangster fag
Lets talk about a car crash
The only thing in the universe
Worth saving in the cosmos
Can't stand what we've made
Plowed the earth, explored yourself
Having money don't make sense
and your friends don't mean shit!

Remember the chosen one?
King of all with the trust fund
Had his chance to improve our lives
and we know sleeps well at night
Look at the world you've made it
If it wasn't for the path we've laid
But you chose to be a shining star
and you fucked it up somehow

You had, a chance, and you, blew it
no one to blame but yourself

How can, you sleep, knowing, that this
all could've been avoided with cash

Silver spoon cooking apathy
(To be alone)
Another dead vein in a spoiled arm
(The spoiled one)
You turned your mind into an ashtray
(Poor Atlas)
And extinguished the eternal flame
(And you fucked it up)
Track Name: Echo of the Black Shirts
The rallying storm approaches
Their voices unite the sky
A howling wind of distortion
Blackness sweeps on empty hearts

One more casualty sleeps
Hope dies on fates front door
Another resounding failure
Bodies spill over unmarked graves

We own all under the sun
These voices fuse into one

The blind man is leading the deaf
Their voices united
Building a stronghold of hatred
Success is at Hand

While the temple stands on shifting sands

Welcome the transparent prophet
Readies his sights
Keep your eyes where they told you
Remember this night

While the temple stands on shifting sands

The contortions of man
Cleansed by our leader's demands

They'll take your life!
They'll take your rights!
They'll enslave you!
They're afraid of you
and your way of life!

Kiss your daughters goodbye!
One last chance
to stop this all
Let us unite!
Let us destroy them all!